Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Coachella Fashion 2015 -How to do it right!

So, if you're anybody in the music industry you will have headed down to the Colorado Desert sporting your best festival clobber, not only to perform but to show the world you know how to dress to impress in the desert! There have been some big attending the event such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and Drake -I'm sure we have all heard about that performance!

We have scoured the internet and found our top celebrity fashionistas attending the festival this year. Of course we had to throw in a few of them who, well... didn't impress us so much. Obviously all of our fashion opinions are debatable and you can voice your own opinion on the matter in the comments below!

One person who is really rocking the bohemian look this year is none other than the fashion icon Kendall Jenner, we are absolutely loving her gypsy/indian style! This gorgeous off the shoulder gypsy style crop is really complimented by the flowing maxi skirt she has paired with it, the added glam of the gold accessories really add this festival chic look. We are loving the angelic look of her gold headband too.

Where theres a Kendall, theres a Kylie, and how gorgeous does she look! We love the understated look of her neutral tones this year. She probably thought the bright teal hair was enough of a statement for one day! We love her grey cap and matching boots too!

Next on our list of festival fashionistas will have to be the one and only, Beyonce. Although she was only attending the bash Beyonce dressed to impress with this stunning Saint Lorent floral dress! It is just stunning, it is breezy and shows off all those curves. The colours compliment her skin tone perfectly, Love it!

Next on our list of top fashionistas this year is going to have to be Alessandra Ambrosio. Her washed out tie-dye effect dress is to die for. We absolutely love everything about this look and it also helps a bunch when all of your model friends have decided to match with you to create the perfect festival photographs!

Another little lady that caught our attention this year was the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens, with this bright indian style play suit we are positive she turned some heads! We fear she may have over done it with all the accessories she is sporting but who cares with style like that!

So now we have seen our do-gooders of Coachella 2015, we thought we would throw in a couple of shall we say, not so impressive looks. It pains us to say it but the first person on our list is going to have to be the gorgeous Katy Perry. We are not exactly sure what this mismatched look is all about, maybe there was some fashion method to the madness but we are really struggling to see it unfortunately, better luck next time Katy!

Next on our list of dont-do's is Rihanna. We hate to say it but, this coat might just be the worst coat we have ever seen. It helps slightly that she has managed to find the perfect match in lipstick, but its just not quite cutting it we're afraid! We aren't too sure whether we like those boots either.

So, what do you think folks? Who were your favourites this year, we would love to know so drop us a message in the comments and we will be sure to reply!

Lots of love,

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ribbed dresses are in!

One if the essential items for your wardrobe as we transition from winter through spring are these stunning ribbed bodycon dresses. For only £15 you look a million dollars in these little numbers.

They are sleek, stylish and cling to all those fabulous curves! The ribbed material gives a slimming effect and the colours are just gorgeous for this season. If we were you we would style both of these dresses with a cream duster coat and maybe some nude sandal heels to match.
We absolutely adore the curved hem you can see at the bottom of the dress, we think it really finishes off the pretty petite style of the whole thing and does wonders complimenting those pins!

If you have/are going to purchase one of these little beauties make sure you send us your snaps because we would love to see some of your styling ideas!
Whats your colour? Camel/Nude or Passion Pink? For us its both so we just had to order them! Gone are the burgundy and royal blue colours of winter and out come the eye pleasing pastels we have all been waiting for!

Below you can see the perfect way to style your dress (This one is   not from our collection but this lovely lady is one of our customers   so we will let her off!) with a light coloured duster jacket and a pretty little necklace to add the final touch!

Roll necks seem to be all the rave lately too, so what better than to combine them all into a pastel coloured, ribbed roll neck dress that we can all adore! While we are on the subject of pastel colours we just have to mention our gorgeous "kim' two piece. It is pastel pink and it is to die for! The long sleeved roll neck is complimented by the matching mini skirt and of course the two items are versatile and can be worn with lots of other items of clothing too!
This outfit is an astonishing £22 on our website! For a whole outfit that is just incredible. All you would need to add to this again is some nude sandal shoes and you are ready to party!

The inspiration for this piece was no other than the fashion icon Kim Kardashian herself who has been seen frequently lately sporting an assortment of pastel co-ordinates, one of which looking a lot like the one you see here!

Here we have a stunning customer in her co-ordinate! Doesn't she just look lovely!

What's your opinion on the new fashion trends this season? If there is anything you would love to see on our website let us know in the comments below, and if you like to see yourself as a bit of a fashionista send us some photos and we might just feature you!

Lots of love,

HemmingGirl Giveaway!

We are holding a fabulous giveaway over at our Facebook page: HemmingGirl
What are we giving away you ask? Our stunning 'Berry Bonita' Ball Gown. It is an absolutely stunning piece worth £55! We adore this dress and scenes as though prom season is on the horizon, and we could do with some more likes on our Facebook page, what better way to do it than to give something away! All you have to do is follow a few simple rules which can be found on the post here!

The winner will be announced when we reach 3,000 'likes' on Facebook, which isn't very far away now, so get over there and follow the instructions if you want to be in with a chance!

If you were wondering what the stunning dress looks like, here it is:

  • Plunge neckline with diamante detail, Elasticated waist, Ruched front, Full length sleeves, Half lined to mid-thigh, Front split to mid-thigh.

This dress is such a head turner! Complimenting those curves in all the right places and creating that hourglass figure! To get this dress for free seems simply too good to be true, but it could be yours for just that, so make sure you enter! We have already had one lucky winner of a previous giveaway who absolutely loved her item! Even if you don't fancy this particular dress, there are more gorgeous dresses over at our website so be sure to stop by.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Festive Fashion

So this year in the UK there have been some gorgeous winter styles that I for one JUST LOVE!
It is such a dream to pick out clothing for the website as it doesn't seem much of a chore at all! It's just like online shopping but on a much larger scale! It is so great picking out clothing of my own taste and selling it on because that means people actually appreciate the clothing I like!

I am selling a lot of Burgundy and Blue at the moment -gorgeous festive colours I might add!

Friday, 12 December 2014


Hello there! This blog has now been taken over by, it's still the same old owner and I will still be writing about my life and other various things that happen to interest me, but I will also be posting regular updates on my new business venture! Which is a fashion venture so it is perfect for blogging about!

Heres a few short questions and answers about the business so that we can establish a rapport:

What is HemmingGirl all about?
HemmingGirl is a brand that is developing every day, selling handmade accessories and sourcing the best wholesalers who manufacture their clothing in the UK to be sold on to you for amazing prices! We get many comments on how the prices are brilliant for the quality of the items, yes this is true, and that is because we will only ever charge you as much as we need to and at the moment our prices are what we can afford to sell at!
All of the accessories you see on the website are handmade and so is all the jewellery and this is a passion of mine, so that is an aspect of the business that will always remain in some way or another! HemmingGirl started out as a small hobby I sold handmade clothing items such as two pieces, dresses and crops which went down really well, although I could not keep up with the demand for my items and decided the best solution for this is to start off by selling amazing clothing from wholesalers until I can make enough profit to design my own clothing line!
Take a look at the journey so far from the beginning until present day!

The items you see here were all handmade and sold by me! The only issue was the clothing did not have the legal labelling required to make it a professional business, so the hand made side of the clothing has been put on hold until we can gather enough funding to have our clothing properly manufactured in bulk!