Friday, 12 December 2014


Hello there! This blog has now been taken over by, it's still the same old owner and I will still be writing about my life and other various things that happen to interest me, but I will also be posting regular updates on my new business venture! Which is a fashion venture so it is perfect for blogging about!

Heres a few short questions and answers about the business so that we can establish a rapport:

What is HemmingGirl all about?
HemmingGirl is a brand that is developing every day, selling handmade accessories and sourcing the best wholesalers who manufacture their clothing in the UK to be sold on to you for amazing prices! We get many comments on how the prices are brilliant for the quality of the items, yes this is true, and that is because we will only ever charge you as much as we need to and at the moment our prices are what we can afford to sell at!
All of the accessories you see on the website are handmade and so is all the jewellery and this is a passion of mine, so that is an aspect of the business that will always remain in some way or another! HemmingGirl started out as a small hobby I sold handmade clothing items such as two pieces, dresses and crops which went down really well, although I could not keep up with the demand for my items and decided the best solution for this is to start off by selling amazing clothing from wholesalers until I can make enough profit to design my own clothing line!
Take a look at the journey so far from the beginning until present day!

The items you see here were all handmade and sold by me! The only issue was the clothing did not have the legal labelling required to make it a professional business, so the hand made side of the clothing has been put on hold until we can gather enough funding to have our clothing properly manufactured in bulk!

We upped our game in regards to professionalism and now have an official website where we sell a mix of handmade and sourced items from the best wholesalers we can find that manufacture the clothing in the UK!

Who owns it?
For now the business is run by one person, Lauren Leah Hemming (Yours Truly) or @loleihem according to twitter! If there is anything you would like to discuss I am never more than a message away so feel free to contact me via my personal twitter or of course if its a business discussion you are looking for please contact me at on of the following, The Facebook Page, The website, or via email at

What will you be posting on the blog?
Well this blog will be used to communicate new arrivals, new fashion trends, giveaway winners and we will also be posting photographs of beautiful fashionistas that we admire, and that could be you! Send us a photograph of you wearing anything bought from HemmingGirl or simply just wow us with a killer outfit, we're not biased! Well we are a little ;)
I will also be posting about my life, hobbies and things that I generally take an interest to. I am partial to a product review too!

What exactly do you sell?
we sell seasonal party apparel as well as handmade accessories! For a taste of what we sell pop over to the website and see for yourself!

I sincerely hope that you found this post useful and continue to enjoy upcoming blog posts!
Lots of love from Lauren at HemmingGirl!

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