Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Festive Fashion

So this year in the UK there have been some gorgeous winter styles that I for one JUST LOVE!
It is such a dream to pick out clothing for the website as it doesn't seem much of a chore at all! It's just like online shopping but on a much larger scale! It is so great picking out clothing of my own taste and selling it on because that means people actually appreciate the clothing I like!

I am selling a lot of Burgundy and Blue at the moment -gorgeous festive colours I might add!
Even though blue is the colour of cold, the deep blue you see here actually gives the impression of warmth in the winter along with these gorgeous burgundy and gold colours, which brings me on to a fashion trend that will never die during the winter months... Sequins! Every winter wardrobe MUST contaim an outfit with a bit of sparkle in the winter time.

I like to stock all different styles of dress so that there is something to suit everyone and here we have an example of that with peplum pencil, bodycon and skater style dresses. Also this season there seems to have been a lot of interest in fur, and not just on the collar of your poncho might I add! Fur has made its way onto the hem of skirts and dresses and over at HemmingGirl we just love it!
what do you think of the fashion trends this season? I must mention though that most of the clothing I have hilighted here is for the Party Wear aspect of the winter time, I don't expect you to go galivanting around in a mini sequin dress while it is below zero outside! That would make for a good blog post though! Please send us in your festive snaps and we will be sure to feature you on the blog if you have killer style, and of course make sure you check out all of these styles on the website because they are absolutely gorgeous and great prices too!

Lots of love! 

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