Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ribbed dresses are in!

One if the essential items for your wardrobe as we transition from winter through spring are these stunning ribbed bodycon dresses. For only £15 you look a million dollars in these little numbers.

They are sleek, stylish and cling to all those fabulous curves! The ribbed material gives a slimming effect and the colours are just gorgeous for this season. If we were you we would style both of these dresses with a cream duster coat and maybe some nude sandal heels to match.
We absolutely adore the curved hem you can see at the bottom of the dress, we think it really finishes off the pretty petite style of the whole thing and does wonders complimenting those pins!

If you have/are going to purchase one of these little beauties make sure you send us your snaps because we would love to see some of your styling ideas!
Whats your colour? Camel/Nude or Passion Pink? For us its both so we just had to order them! Gone are the burgundy and royal blue colours of winter and out come the eye pleasing pastels we have all been waiting for!

Below you can see the perfect way to style your dress (This one is   not from our collection but this lovely lady is one of our customers   so we will let her off!) with a light coloured duster jacket and a pretty little necklace to add the final touch!

Roll necks seem to be all the rave lately too, so what better than to combine them all into a pastel coloured, ribbed roll neck dress that we can all adore! While we are on the subject of pastel colours we just have to mention our gorgeous "kim' two piece. It is pastel pink and it is to die for! The long sleeved roll neck is complimented by the matching mini skirt and of course the two items are versatile and can be worn with lots of other items of clothing too!
This outfit is an astonishing £22 on our website! For a whole outfit that is just incredible. All you would need to add to this again is some nude sandal shoes and you are ready to party!

The inspiration for this piece was no other than the fashion icon Kim Kardashian herself who has been seen frequently lately sporting an assortment of pastel co-ordinates, one of which looking a lot like the one you see here!

Here we have a stunning customer in her co-ordinate! Doesn't she just look lovely!

What's your opinion on the new fashion trends this season? If there is anything you would love to see on our website let us know in the comments below, and if you like to see yourself as a bit of a fashionista send us some photos and we might just feature you!

Lots of love, www.hemminggirl.co.uk

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